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Our priority is to provide the best possible care for our patients. While we currently do participate with some medical insurance carriers, there are several networks for which we are not participating providers. In addition, some procedures are not covered by medical insurance carriers, and are considered cosmetic.


For the convenience of our patients we accept Visa, MasterCard and personal checks.


We do recognize that to some of our patients, individual costs may be intimidating. To alleviate this, we have made available the option of Healthcare Financing, and would be happy to refer a financing company to you that can offer very low interest rates and monthly payments, thus making the process more affordable.


Apply online:

Toll free number: 1-877-559-5050


Apply online:

Toll free number: 1-888-737-3679


We encourage you to call for a consultation with Dr. Garnette at the Vascular Surgery & Vein Care Center 407-363-7760. Appointments can also be scheduled on-line: www.relayhealth.com

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